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Riverside Dentist: 5 Things to Look for in Yours

Need a new riverside dentist? The choice you make is important. That’s why we’re sharing our guide on how to pick the best for you and your family.

So, this is going to get really personal really fast. We are going to be getting into your personal space, close enough to smell your breath and feel it brush against our cheeks. We are going to see parts of you most people wouldn’t be able to see. We are your Riverside dentist.

In a 2012 Gallup Poll dentistry was ranked fourth in the nation under trustworthy professionals. And patients surveyed rated dentists as 65% in an honesty scale. And we understand how personal your relationship with your dentist is. Trust is an all important aspect of dentistry.

If you’ve just moved into the area, you might feel like choosing a dentist in Riverside is the last daunting thing you want to face after a big move. But we are here to make your decision easy and straight forward.

Let’s examine five things to look for when choosing your dentist.

1. Riverside Dentist: Location! Location! Location!

Driving around the Inland Empire can take dismal amounts of time if you end up having to drive at the wrong part of the day. Why would you want to make your life any more complicated by choosing a dentist on the complete opposite side of town?

Find someone who is within ten minutes of your house.

In a study by The Wealthy Dentist, urban and suburban residents were twice as likely than rural residents to travel less than five miles for treatment. And living in the Riverside area, you should be able to find a dentist within ten miles of your home.

You also need to consider the fact you may need an emergency dental procedure done. You are not going to want to be far away from your dentist when you break a tooth eating that salt-water taffy.

2. May I See Your License and Registration Please?

If your dentist is operating out of a van down by the river side, we wouldn’t recommend going to them anyway. But if you must try out that option, at least check the Dental Board of California to see if they are licensed.

We would recommend you do this with any dentist you consider. The website will tell you if the dentist has had any public action or mark against their record as a dentist.

What kinds of training has this dentist been through? What do they specialize in? Ask the receptionist these questions and expect an answer. If the staff are unable or unwilling to answer or they are unwilling to shunt you to someone who would know, then perhaps this dentist isn’t right for you.

There are other sources for a dentist’s qualifications, especially in Riverside. Contact the Tri-County Dental Society and find out what they say about your local dentist.

3. Riverside Dentist: What About Emergencies?

What is the dentist’s policy on emergencies? Who would they refer you to if you had a dental emergency?

Most dentists have colleagues who they refer you to. Some dental services sign up with an answering service that can refer you to an emergency specialist.

If the answer is “the emergency room,” this should not be sufficient for you. And emergency room will be overly expensive, and they will still refer you to a dentist afterward. This is a waste of your time and your money.

Find another dentist who will meet your needs one way or another 24-7.

4. Riverside Dentist: Make Yourself Comfortable

The hormones related to stress are known to block the effectiveness of local anesthetics, the stuff that numbs you during dental procedures. This alone is a good reason to find a dentist office that helps you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Many dental offices will create a relaxing atmosphere just to help their patients feel at ease. Some will have fish tanks while other have plants and plenty of lighting.

If you are the kind of person who is uncomfortable at any dentist office, then we would hope you could at least find a place that gives you a little comfort.

Does the dentist himself set you at ease? Perhaps ask to quickly meet your dentist beforehand for a quick handshake so that you know who he is before he dawns the mask and looms above you. You might like the personality of the person behind the mask and this could help set your mind at ease before going into the chair.

5. Riverside Dentist: Will It Cost You A Kidney?

Only the man practicing dentistry out of a van down by the riverside will actually charge you a kidney. But dentistry can be expensive. And the cost of dental procedures varies by practice, so get an estimate before agreeing to a procedure.

In shopping around for a dentist, find out if they take payment plans. Some offices will work with you, especially if you come in for regular visits and cleanings.

Do they take your insurance? What payment options do they accept?

Compare prices for common procedures like fillings, cleanings, crowns, x-rays.

And speaking of x-rays, are they pushy when it comes to selling you things like x-rays and fluoride rinses? If the dentist’s staff are not tactful in selling you preventative care, you may want to consider other options.

Conclusion: Ask Around

Lastly, if you know people in the area, ask their advice. Sometimes the best advertisement is word of mouth. People can be brutally honest when it comes to services they utilize and if a majority of people gush about how wonderful an office or a particular dentist is, you might want to check out their suggestion.

People can be brutally honest when it comes to services they utilize, and if a majority of people gush about how wonderful an office or a particular dentist is, you might want to check out their suggestion.

And remember, only you can decide for yourself exactly how you feel about a practitioner. This is a very personal and up-close experience. You want to feel comfortable as much as you can when you go to visit the dentist.

And if you are still unsure, or would like to schedule a visit, please call us today at 951-888-5805.