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Halitosis may be linked to underlying health disorders. Halitosis, a symptom more commonly referred to as bad breath, is a disorder that results from foul odors originating from the mouth. Naturally, bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene or infection in your mouth, but it can stem from deeper issues within your body as well.

Bad breath symptoms are often signs of another ailment or disorder with your body. If you have a toothache accompanied by bad breath, your tooth may be infected. Poor oral hygiene habits accompanied by bad breath could the sign of tooth decay due to severe plaque buildup in your mouth. Upper respiratory tract infections, as well as liver and kidney problems, are often linked with bad breath symptoms.

Bad breath can also be caused by the habits you keep. If you are a heavy smoker, bad breath is likely. Another common cause of halitosis is as a side effect of medications you may be taking. Even the foods and drinks you eat could be contributing to your bad breath symptoms. Unclean dentures can also cause bacterial infection linked to bad breath.

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