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Starting a new year, it is important to make sure you are prepared for any oral accidents and injuries that may come your way. Although most oral accidents cannot be easily prevented, you can drastically lower your risk of their occurrence, and minimize the damage that they can cause.

If you should ever suffer a chipped or broken tooth, it is important to apply gauze to minimize the damage as soon as possible. If bleeding continues after 10 minutes, visit a hospital or emergency room. Once the bleeding has stopped, apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth, cheek, or lip near the area to keep the swelling down. However, if the accident is more severe and a tooth is knocked out, it is important to collect the tooth and place it a tooth-saving solution. This is done because it may be possible for the tooth to be reinserted back into your mouth by your dentist later.

If you have any object stuck between your teeth, never try to use any kind of sharp instruments that can easily lacerate or slice your teeth. In order to prevent damage to your tooth’s surface, always use an interdental cleaner such as dental floss to try to gently and carefully dislodge the object.

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