Adult Braces are Becoming More Popular: Here’s Why

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Adult Braces are Becoming More Popular: Here’s Why

Are you considering adult braces? You’re not alone – in fact, they’re becoming more popular. We’re sharing the reasons why here, and how we can help.

Say the word ‘braces’ and it might conjure up images of teenagers with a mouthful of metal.

You might even remember the old ‘train track’ braces of your youth and shudder.

But, shudder no more!

More adults are seeking orthodontic treatments now. The number of adult patients has increased by nearly 40% since 1996!

So, why are adult braces becoming more popular – and how can we help?

Adult braces can give you the smile you always wanted

You might have thought of getting braces before, but you were put off by their appearance.

Banish all thought of traditional braces. The treatments for adults are far less obvious, including

  • Clear appliances
  • Porcelain braces
  • Orthodontics applied to the back of the teeth

That said, you might not want to hide the fact you’re proud to improve your smile.

Faith Hill showed off her braces at the Grammy Awards in 2013 when she was 45.

And Tom Cruise got ceramic brackets at 40 years old!

Actor Roger Grunwald had appeared in off-Broadway productions, as well as the soap One Life to Live. Yet he’d always felt self-conscious about a snaggletooth in his lower jaw.

He had braces fitted in 2008 and finally has the kind of smile you’d expect from a successful actor!

After all, adult braces can certainly help get your smile in order. And that’s not just a new facial expression, either. It’s increased confidence.

You’ll feel more comfortable smiling at job interviews, or on dates. You’ll finally grin in family photos. It’s like being the best ‘you’ that you can be!

So don’t worry that braces might ruin your look while you’re waiting for your new smile. There are definitely discreet solutions available!

Join the 20-25% of adult orthodontic patients and take control of your smile.

Adults who had braces as teens may need another nudge

If you had braces when you were younger, you might have noticed your teeth have relapsed. That is, they’re no longer part of the straight and shiny smile you had when your braces came off.

Orthodontists now recommend patients continue to wear their retainer at night – indefinitely. Or they apply a bonded retainer – a thin strip of wire to the back of the teeth.

If you weren’t given these options at the time, then you’re probably disappointed that your teeth moved back to their old places.

You’re in luck. Not only are adult braces more discreet, they’re also less invasive.

Options like Invisalign even let you continue to brush and floss your teeth as normal.

Not only are adult braces more discreet to look at, the technology is also more advanced.

Gone are the days when orthodontists had to tighten stiff wires at regular intervals to haul the teeth into place.

Now the appliances use nickel titanium. Not only is it more flexible, it also has shape memory. That means less frequent adjustments and fewer visits to the orthodontist office.

That’s certainly helpful if you have to fit your appointments around your day job or family commitments.

You can get back to the smile you had before. And this time, you can have the bonded retainer to keep your teeth in place.

Adult braces can address other health concerns

Misaligned jaws can cause muscle strain and even headaches. Why wouldn’t you want to address a problem like that?

Crooked teeth can cause their own problems. Plaque builds up more easily in those ‘hard to clean’ spaces.

A build-up of plaque can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease. Neither of which will help you to keep your teeth well into your later years.

Tooth enamel can even wear away if your teeth don’t fit together properly. Straightening your teeth can go a long way to fixing all of these problems.

Perhaps you’ve had extractions in the past, and you’ve been left with unsightly gaps in your teeth. Dental implants can certainly improve your smile and give you back the teeth of your youth.

Just remember that if you do want implants, your teeth will need to be straight first. Adult braces can straighten your teeth, making it much easier to have an implant treatment.

But remember, teeth can move throughout your adult life. So even if you once had a winning smile, you might notice your once-straight teeth are now crowded.

Have a consultation with your orthodontist to find out what options are available to you.

Just remember to ask them the following questions.

  • What options will work for my particular situation?
  • Do you accept insurance?
  • Will I need any extractions or surgery?
  • Will the treatment actually affect my profile?
  • How long do you expect it to take?
  • How many adjustments will there be, and how often?
  • What kind of pain is usually caused by the option that you’re offering?

Feeling confident in your dentist is an absolute priority! You want to be sure you get it right.

Follow these tips to find the best dentist in Riverside.

It’s true, adult braces do pose their own problems

After all, adults are more likely to have crowns or fillings than teens. And since your teeth have finished growing, it can be more difficult to move them.

Orthodontists work with the growth patterns of teens to realign teeth and jaws. In adults, that’s more of a challenge since the bone is fixed.

You might even require surgery at the beginning of the process to correct problems in the jaw.

But don’t let that stop you. After all, if you need surgery, it’s to fix an issue that is causing other health problems. So not only will you end up with a winning smile, you’ll also ditch the headaches, jaw pain or tooth erosion you had before.

Your dentist will also want you to adopt a better dental health routine. You don’t want to spend money on adult braces to waste the results because of gum disease or tooth decay.

But because you are already interested in getting braces, you’re more likely to adopt better dental practices. And it’ll be completely worth it!

You may need some restorative treatment before you can proceed with braces. Come in for a consultation and we’ll be able to diagnose just what we need to do before you can say hello to your new smile.

Whatever you choose to do, come in to see us. We’ll put you at ease and get you on the road to the smile you’ve always dreamed of!