CEREC® Dental Crowns: The Way of the Future

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Do you need a dental crown? Then you’ll only want to settle for the best. CEREC dental crowns are the way of the future. These are highly customizable and can be placed in as little as a single office visit. Here are some more details:

– CEREC crowns can be uniquely customized and milled directly at the dentist office without needing to use a dental lab while you wait for weeks for your dental crown.

– Since they can be completed in the span of a single afternoon, CEREC dental crowns do not require the discomfort of non-custom temporary crowns.

– CEREC dental crowns are fully personalized to the look and function that your smile needs for its maximum beauty.

– CEREC dental crowns can be milled with amazing precision due to advanced computer technology.

– CEREC crowns can last over a decade.

– CEREC technology can also be used to place dental fillings.

Would you like to set up a CEREC crown appointment with Dr. Joel Manalese at our dentist office in Riverside, California? Or do you have more questions about how CEREC works? Simply call us at 951-643-4405. Our team at Regal Dentistry looks forward to keeping your oral health in optimum condition.