Getting Kids Excited About Dental Care

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If you are raising children, or you have ever raised them, you know that that sometimes, it can be tough to get them to brush their teeth. Some parents might even say that the word “tough” is an understatement.

But the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to wage the Battle of the Brush every morning and every night. Here are some tips that should make getting your child to care for her teeth a little easier.

First, remember that you are setting the example for your child. If she sees you brushing and flossing your teeth every morning and every night, she will learn to follow your lead. You might try brushing your teeth together so that you can demonstrate for her the proper way to brush and floss, and coach her as she follows along with you. You can look for songs that you can sing together when it is time for her to brush her teeth, and you can also read books and watch videos about dental care and visiting the dentist together.

Another smart move is to let her select her own toothbrush and toothpaste. You should make sure that her toothpaste contains fluoride. If you have questions about what brand is best for your child, talk with your dentist. Try giving her a toy toothbrush, and let her brush the teeth of a toy, stuffed animal or doll. Praise and encouragement always help, and you could find a creative way to reward her for brushing her teeth well.

To make a visit to the dentist more fun, you might plan a special reward or prize for her if she has a good checkup or behaves well at the dentist’s office.

If it is time for your child’s cleaning and exam, or if you are looking for a pediatric dentist for your child, our dentist, Dr. Joel Manalese woud love to meet you! If you live in the Riverside, California, area, contact Regal Dentistry at 951-643-4405 today to schedule an appointment.