Is a Dental Bridge Your Next Step After Losing a Tooth?

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If you have experienced a damaging blow to the mouth as a result of a car accident or sports injury, the incident could significantly damage to your smile. If the dental trauma provided enough force to knock a tooth free, the connective tissues surrounding the area may have also suffered. In this case, we encourage you to receive emergency dental care as soon as possible and receive a dental restoration such as a dental bridge.

Our dentist and team may need to remove the tooth remains before helping you determine which type of treatment is right for your smile. Following the complete healing of your gums, we can begin placing your custom-made dental bridge.

First, our dentist forms an impression of the area to be sent in and created at a dental lab, where a highly qualified team creates a dental bridge using dental materials that look and feel like your natural teeth and help your dental bridge last for years. During this time, our dentist uses the two surrounding teeth to create abutments that will anchor the bridge in place.

Once the new bridge is ready, your next visit will be scheduled to have the bridge placed on the abutment and cemented in place with a dental-grade adhesive.

If you have recently experienced dental trauma and would benefit from a dental bridge, we encourage you to call 951-643-4405 right away for a consultation with our dentist at Regal Dentistry in Riverside, California. Drs. Joel Manalese, Eveline Hamdani, Collin Tsai, and Jeffrey Nguyen, are here for your oral health!