Oral Health Damage Control: Flossing

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How effective are your interdental cleaning needs? Do you always make sure to use a safe and effective dental floss properly? Do you know how often you should replace your water flosser if you’re using one? Did you know that dental floss should typically be shred-resistant to ensure that it does not fray or wear down while being used? To improve your dental flossing care, always look for ways to improve the products and techniques you employ.

If you are seeking to use an alternative interdental cleaner that does not require thread, water flossers can prove to be effective. Water flossers are often used in situations where dental floss may be impeded, such as when restorations like crowns and bridges are in place.

Try to focus on flossing at least 2 to 3 minutes each day. Make sure every gap between every tooth is cleaned, and be sure to clean behind your teeth in the back of the mouth. If you are using traditional dental floss, make sure the thread is shred-resistant. This is important, as it can be used to help clean out areas between your teeth without the risk of fraying or wearing down. Also, never use the same section more than once to help prevent contamination.

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