At Regal Dentistry, we know that not all visits to our dentist can be scheduled ahead of time. Accidents happen and problems occur. When they do, Dr. Joel Manalese and our team are here for you.

At Regal Dentistry we see:

  • Walk-in patients for emergencies
  • New patient walk-ins
  • Patients for same or next-day appointments

Some of the dental emergencies we treat include:

Toothaches can be the result of a damaged tooth, tooth decay or infection.

Knocked-Out Teeth
A tooth can be completely or partially knocked out due to an accident or facial trauma.

Broken Teeth
A broken tooth can be the result of an impact to the face, teeth grinding or clenching, or tooth decay.

Lost or Damaged Dental Work
An accident resulting in an impact to your mouth, or other dental problems can cause damaged or lost dental work.

An infection in your gums or the pulp of your tooth can result in pain and swelling.

If you have a dental emergency in Riverside, California, visit our office at 3950 Pierce St, Suite L. Or, you can call our office as soon at 951-643-4405 and a member of our team will schedule you for an emergency appointment and help you with what to do until you can come in to see us