A Fractured Tooth Might Need to Be Repaired by a Dental Crown

Tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to handle the basic functions of chewing and biting. Yet there are some situations that can cause a fracture to alter the surface of a tooth. If Dr. Joel Manalese can’t effectively repair the tooth with a basic dental filling, he might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown. To do... read more »

Why a Root Canal Treatment Can Restore Your Smile

At Regal Dentistry, root canal treatments can provide extensive relief for our patients in Riverside, California, who are suffering with the following symptoms: -- A tooth that hurts when hot or cold food or drinks touch it and long after -- A persistent toothache that is increasingly painful -- Your tooth hurts when you bite down or chew food If... read more »

The Dental Terms to Know to Understand Your Dentist and Dental Team

Welcome to Regal Dentistry in Riverside, California, where we offer dental and orthodontic care in Riverside, California, and the surrounding areas. To help you better understand the dental language when you come into Regal Dentistry for your appointments, Dr. Joel Manalese and our team are happy to provide the definitions to the following common dental terms that you might hear around our office:... read more »