Relieve Your Tooth Pain by Doing These Things

Do you have a tooth that is throbbing with pain? If so, you’re probably searching for the best ways to relieve that pain and find the comfort you deserve. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to eliminate your tooth pain, and our dentist, Dr. Joel Manalese, is happy to tell you all about them. The first thing you... read more »

Severe Periodontal Disease Can Also Cause Systemic Inflammation

Hardened tartar at the gum line often occurs when an inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine fails to remove food particles and plaque from your teeth. The continual bacterial presence can cause periodontal inflammation. Also known as gingivitis, this early form of periodontal disease can cause your gums to appear red or inflamed gums, and they might also tend to bleed... read more »

Halitosis May Be Linked to Underlying Health Disorders

Halitosis may be linked to underlying health disorders. Halitosis, a symptom more commonly referred to as bad breath, is a disorder that results from foul odors originating from the mouth. Naturally, bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene or infection in your mouth, but it can stem from deeper issues within your body as well. Bad breath symptoms are... read more »

The Top 4 Types of Food to Avoid This Season

The holiday season is finally here! With the season comes all the merry-makings of fantastic feasts, delightful sweets, and gingerbread treats. However, not all of the foods that come with the holiday seasons are good for our oral health. Some, if you are not careful, can even seriously damage our teeth and gums. Here is a list of the top... read more »

Let’s Talk About Healthy Gums, and How to Keep Them

Let's Talk About Healthy Gums, and How to Keep Them Gum disease is no joke, and it's time to talk about healthy gums and why they're so important. Here's what you need to know to stay healthy. Did you know that having healthy gums is just as important as having a bright white smile? In fact, probably more so. Our gums have... read more »

White Spots on Your Teeth: What You Should Know

You probably know that virtually everyone wants a beautiful, white smile. But did you know that there are a few things that can prevent you from having your ideal smile, such as yellow teeth or white spots on your teeth? These white spots can be noticeable and unattractive, and even a sign of other issues. White spots are often the... read more »

A Dental Crown Needs Brushing and Flossing Like the Rest of Your Teeth

Your new dental crown is made of artificial materials that are not vulnerable to tooth decay. However, your crown is still vulnerable to the secondary effects of gum disease. So, it will still need to be cleaned in your daily oral hygiene routine. Residual food particles and plaque that are not removed on a regular basis can harden into tartar,... read more »