CEREC® Dental Crowns: The Way of the Future

Do you need a dental crown? Then you’ll only want to settle for the best. CEREC dental crowns are the way of the future. These are highly customizable and can be placed in as little as a single office visit. Here are some more details: - CEREC crowns can be uniquely customized and milled directly at the dentist office without... read more »

A Fractured Tooth Might Need to Be Repaired by a Dental Crown

Tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to handle the basic functions of chewing and biting. Yet there are some situations that can cause a fracture to alter the surface of a tooth. If Dr. Joel Manalese can’t effectively repair the tooth with a basic dental filling, he might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown. To do... read more »

Severe Periodontal Disease Can Also Cause Systemic Inflammation

Hardened tartar at the gum line often occurs when an inconsistent daily oral hygiene routine fails to remove food particles and plaque from your teeth. The continual bacterial presence can cause periodontal inflammation. Also known as gingivitis, this early form of periodontal disease can cause your gums to appear red or inflamed gums, and they might also tend to bleed... read more »